Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lonely Girl 15? Nah, it's just Megan, alone, with the video camera

Preface to this video- Megan is the "tour guide" to the messiest part of our house. The storage area of our basement. Please, no one call the hoarding police.

Commentary on the video:
1)Note to self- remind Megan that saying you are "hip" doesn't actually make you "hip".
2) I assure you that on most "normal days in our family" that my son doesn't wander around with a Santa hat on.
3) She's right. We are big fans of holidays. We are used to the concept.
4) Love Jack's two brief cameos.
5) Yes, in our family reading is a "chore" in Megan's eyes. And by "projects" she means cleaning up. We aren't having her build a space shuttle or anything.
6) Help an un-hip woman out...can anyone name that tune at the end????


Ms Picket To You said...

I hope this doesn't sound effed up: but when she is 21, can we and Meghan have drinks together? I think she is my future best friend (or daughter in law).

Ms Picket To You said...

AND PS: Are all the children of people who write blogs brilliant? I am starting to think so.

PSS: i do not know that song (shame!) which is probably because I listen to too much NPR.

Jay Wachtel, the dad said...

Song is Akon w/ Snoop Dogg... We've been listenting to the Hip-Hop station ALOT!

Badass Geek said...

Cute kid!

Becca said...

I love the seven-year-old snaggle-tooth look. I have many photos of myself looking like that.

And I love the "come sit here...now get away!"

Twenty-Something said...

haha oh lord. That song is ""I wanna "love" you"" by Akon. "love" is the radio edited version. HYSTERICAL!

She is awesome. You should have her do weekly updates. And Jack is so funny. I love how he pops up "Hi" and pops back down. SO FUNNY! Your kids rock!

Lori said...

This will now be the second most watched Jen video out there ( becuase the "you're jealous of me" one is super great). Her personality rocks. Really. You know what I mean.

X said...

I vote for a weekly update, too. I love that you guys are used to "concepts" like holidays.
I have to know: Does she know you posted that? Would it make her utterly embarrassed or completely ecstatic? Why do I think it's the latter?

LilSass said...

It apparently IS a rule to have friggin hysterical kids if you blog. Rather .... maybe those with funny kids blogs just so we can tell ya about it?

"Come over here .... then go away." needs to be put on a t-shirt.

Jen W said...

@ Ms P- You can have drinks with her but you have to promise to take me along- or we'll set her up w/ GFYO on a date and you and I can go out for drinks!

@ Jay- Hey never thought I'd see you commenting here. Welcome to our party.

@ badass geek- Thanks. I think I'll keep her :)

@ Becca- I'm guessing the Orthodontist might be in our future.

@ twenty-something I KNEW you would know the song! I read your post about your rap/R&B road trip and I'm guessing that was on the playlist?

@ Lori- I can't decide which one is my favorite.

@ X- It totally depends on the day how she reacts. Sometimes she can't get enough of herself and other days if I even look at her she freaks out. Tonight she watched it and was laughing but once I showed her the dance recital video where she froze and she yelled at me to turn it off. I can't wait for the teenage years.

Jen W said...

@ lil sass- Great idea. I should have the phrase trademarked. Kinda like how Paris Hilton said she "invented" the phrase "That's Hot".