Monday, October 6, 2008

Three more things I do that my daughter finds embarrassing

Megan has started to be more, um how shall I say this, open to telling me what she really thinks about me. The flood gates are open and the hits just keep on comin. In the last 48 hours, I've accumulated 3 more things that embarrass Megan in addition to "Everyone out of the pool!" They are as follows:

1) Shop till you drop. I took Megan to get some new clothes for the winter. As I opened my car door to exit I benignly said, "Okay kiddo. Let's shop till we drop." Megan sighed deeply, hunched her shoulders and grouched, "See that is what I'm talking about. When you say stuff like that! It's weird."

"Well, it's a good thing I'm driving the Brownies to a hay ride and not taking them shopping then, huh?"


2) The car purrs like a kitten. I took our car to get an oil change and simply made the comment, "The car purrs like a kitten." This, as you can imagine, was met with an eye roll and a comment about, "What does that even mean???"

3) No more making random comments about other drivers. I still say this one is totally justified. I mean, I was waiting to turn right out of a parking lot and the driver coming down the road didn't even turn on his turn signal before he took a right. Had he used proper signal-age, I could have made an exit. I commented under my breath, "Nice turn signal." Megan heard me say something and asked me to repeat it. I told her I was just muttering under my breath about the driver who failed to use his turn signal and that it irritated me a bit. "Well, if you aren't talking to me, maybe you need to keep those types of comments to yourself," she said.

Oh no she di-dn't just say that to me. Seriously? How much does a woman have to take from a 7-year-old??? So I kinda snapped...just a little bit. I felt my face getting hot and as I was driving, I turned back to look at her in the backseat. "Now Megan, that is just mean. You know, I get it. I GET IT. You don't think I'm cool. You are embarrassed by me. I GET IT. But you know what??? Why don't you try KEEPING THAT TO YOURSELF!"

Not one of my finer moments but whatever.


Carolyn...Online said...

Megan is an old soul.

Badass Geek said...

Geez. What is there to look forward to if a parent can't embarass their kid once in a while?

steenky bee said...

Maybe we're just no longer "hip" with the lingo? I think it's a right of passage to embarrass the little ones AND the big ones. It's our only way of getting back at them for all the shenanigans they pull. Hey, I bet your daughter doesn't know what "shenanigans" is!

Samantha said...

You tell her! haha

No, seriously, she'll feel bad when she's older about making you feel bad! It's super cute that you get upset about it, my mom would have just smacked me or something! Your a good mom. don't be so rough on yourself!

No one can please a 7 year old!

SF housewife said...

Next time when it's happen and if dad is around , he should tell Megan say sorry to you.

MammaDawg said...

lol - Megan sure is comfy with you - but I know what you mean. It's nice to be approachable, but there's still boundary lines.

My eldest takes a tone like that with me every now and then. I just slant my eyes (as if they're not already slanted) and say, "That is NOT how you talk to your mother."

So I don't blame you one BIT for letting her know how you felt about that comment!