Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jack's crush part 2

Boy, this boy is one smitten kitten.

Kasey is a commonly uttered name around our house lately. From what I can gather, this crush has been a long time in the works. To Jack's credit, he set a goal and worked to achieve that goal. The goal was Kasey. Ultimately, he got the girl (as much as a 5 year old can "get" a girl). I think it's great, unless it's not reciprocated; then we've got ourselves a mini-stalker and that's just not any good for anyone.

I was unaware of the depths of Jack's utter devotion to Kasey until a recent conversation. Jack was staring out the window of the car looking pensive as we drove home from pre-school one day. "What are you thinking about, buddy?" I asked.

Jack: Uh, Mommy?
Me: Hmmmm?
Jack: When you like someone and um, when they like you back so much that you want to marry them, that's a crush right?
Me: Yes, that's pretty much it.
Jack (thinking for a minute): What happens if you like someone and they don't like you back? Is that still called a crush?
Me (joking): No, that's called a bummer.
Jack: Huh?
Me: Actually you will probably have a lot of crushes as you get older. Sometimes people will like you back and have a crush on you too. But sometimes, you might like someone and they may not like you back. That's a bummer but that's life.
Jack: Oh. Um, well it used to be like that with me and Kasey. When we were littler, I still liked Kasey but she liked the other Jack in our class.
Me (heart melting at the phrase "when we were littler"): Oh really?
Jack: Yeah, I liked Kasey but she liked the other Jack in my class.
Me: What changed her mind?
Jack: I don't know. But I think she needs someone bigger to be the dad and I'm bigger than the other Jack. So now we like each udder (he meant other but pronounced it as udder).
Me: So that's good, huh?

With that, Jack smiled and nodded and continued to look out the window.

And all was right in his little world.


Meredith said...

boys...sweet boys.... I'm sure glad I have one of them in my posse. Kasey is a lucky little girl. The love each udder lol. Cuz he is bigger. I love it!

Nash's Mom said...

Ahh, young love. It's so cute I can hardly stand it!!

Becca said...

oh if only it could stay this sweet and innocent. I fear my son's future heartbreaks

For Myself said...

Kasey knows best - a bigger one to be the dad so they can love each udder.

DCD said...

So,so sweet! My 5yr old has not had his first crush yet. Although he did at one point tell me he was going to marry his 20yr old babysitter. I think she actually considered it!

Ms Picket To You said...

the GFYO needs pointers from Jack. he told Taylor who is in LURVE with him, "listen... you.. (because he forgets everyones names) I don't play wid gurls."

i know this because Taylor's mother told me and said oh poor Taylor and her unrequited love. naturally, since Taylor is so cute I wish to take her home with me in my handbag, I just shook my head at the GFYO in the car. big mistake, mister, big mistake.

jack is a ladies man.

x said...

Jack be nimble. Jack be quick.

Lori said...

And the best thing about Jack is that he will be a ladie's man but his sweetness will prevent him from being that "jerk" we all dated once.