Monday, November 17, 2008

Showtime with Megan (and Jack)

Here's what happens when I just wind them up and let them go (so-to-speak). Megan's first episode of Showtime With Megan. It's a very short intro but you can hear Jack interrupting from the background. In true Megan fashion, she's trying to direct the shots as well as star in them wearing her Bampa's glasses. She does do a nice job of a segue into the commercial. Don't be fooled by Jack trying to disguise his voice. That really is him as a spokesperson for the Weight Store. Like he says, "It's totally awesome- get weights, get fit!"

At this point, Jack changes from the star of the commercial, to the guest star on Showtime With Megan. They have a nice discussion about his artwork with Jack's voice trying to remain in character.


SF housewife said...

Yeah....both of my daugthers like your show!

LilSass said...

Um, totally unrelated ... I just realized that you read TWO BLOGS called Don't Get Me Started.

You cheating bitch, I will never forgive you!

Twenty-Something said...

"But what were you THINKING when you made it?"
"I wanted to make a spider. And I did."

hahaha classic. Take that Oprah! Your kids are so cool.

Badass Geek said...

So, who will manage their careers when their Internet-fame takes off?

Lori said...

I hope there is another live taping on Thanksgiving.

Becca said...

your kids make me laugh!!!