Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And he even had some interesting stuff to say in 2008

I don't quote Jay too much on this blog but as I looked over my Twitter entries for the year, I noticed that in addition to the funny things my kids said, Jay had his fair share of quotable moments, too.

One of Jay's most endearing qualities is his sense of humor. As of this year, I've officially known Jay for over half my life. He's always made me laugh- no matter what the circumstances he's always been able to make me laugh that deep, belly laugh that brings tears to your eyes. And I like him a lot, too which after all this time says something important, I think. Sometimes I think it's weird to say that you *like* your husband but I think it is important to feel that way. I don't really tell him as much as I should how I appreciate him. I mean, I'm sure he knows, but I'm not all verbose about it. (Note to self: Make that one of my New Year's resolutions.)

Anyway, here are a few of Jay's funnies.

Jay:"There's nothing like being in the car for Thanksgiving listening to some inappropriate, sexually explicit hip-hop."

Jay: What did you say? Me: I didn't say anything. Jay: Well next time you say nothing, say it a little louder.

I think Jay forgot I was here. He's watching House Hunters and when the guy chose house # two, Jay pumped his fist and said, "Yessss!"

Jay: A 5 dog eat off... this could be the greatest moment in all of sports. The bottom line is they both pushed each other to be the best hot dog eater they could be. It's literally bite for bite. (In reference to the annual Nathan's hot dog eating contest)

Jay: Our kids are chicken. Me: No they are just cautious. Jay: Chicken.

Jay: I met the new neighbor tonight. Me: Yeah? What's his name? Jay: Um, I'm gonna go with Dave...or Dan.

Jay claims Megan's lack of hand-eye coordination is due to my genes. I reminded him I was a gymnast. Jay: "Yeah but can you hit a ball?"

Jay just came home from Sam's Club with a Hawaiian shirt. According to him, he's "dipping his toe in the Tommy Bahama pool."

Jay: Some of the times I have been most scared have involved raccoons.

Jay to Jack: "If you lick me, I'm not taking you to the attic!"

Jay: I like to hang out in the morning and hear what's going on but I don't really like speaking... or being spoken to.

Jay: "I really need to get into the texting thing. I feel like everyone is riding in their cars and I'm still walking."

Told Jay about my bumpy flight. He said "I like flying with a bit of inclement weather. It makes me think the pilots are on their A game."

Jay referring to me typing away in Instant Messaging: "I think your fingers might start a fire over there."

Jay to Jack: "I can tell you are male because you noticed the garbage can was full." (In reference to me always letting garbage can overflow.)

Jay: "I mean, I like Tiger Woods as much as the next... well, maybe not as much as the next guy. But I like Tiger Woods a lot."

Jack: How long is church? Me: Not long. Megan: Long! Jay: Longer than you want buddy. Listen to me and Megan. We won't lie to you.

I asked Jay about an email chain going around. He said, "I gave it my best shot to figure out why I should care but now I just delete them."

Jay: "I spent the last 15 minutes describing the characters of the A-Team to my class." Me: "Huh? In what context?" He's a business teacher.

Jay to Megan:"What size shoe do you wear?" Megan:"13" Jay:"Wow you could paddle with those."

Jay: Is Desperate Housewives still on? What was the mystery? Me: Well, the one lady... Jay: Sorry- actually, I don't really even care.

Husband is doing "stretches" for his back and hamstring while watching the golf channel. Him: "It's so good of a stretch". Me: "I'm still here, ......


Michael Horvath said...

Awesome stuff! My first visit to your site but not my last!

Samantha said...

LOL... seriously I was laughing out loud... hard. That man is sooo funny! No wonder why you like him!

I should start writing down the silly things my guy says. I bet I'd be surprised!

bernthis said...

My favorite: Catching get all pumped during househunters. Oh boy.

Lori said...

He is hilarious. And really, no offense RE: your resolution, I am dying to see how he takes it. I am sure that could be a post in an of itself! ;)

Vodka Mom said...

oh jesus, he's damn funny! That's blog material for MONTHS, girl!

The funny thing is, at first I thought you were talking about Jay Leno! It was even funnier when I realized who you were talking about!

ha ha.

Vodka Mom said...

oh jesus, he's damn funny! That's blog material for MONTHS, girl!

The funny thing is, at first I thought you were talking about Jay Leno! It was even funnier when I realized who you were talking about!

ha ha.

MsPicketToYou said...


SO freakin' good. (Jay can come to blogher.)

Anonymous said...

The house hunters one cracked me up! My Ex does the EXACT same thing! :)