Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mealtime manners

I love being a fly on the wall to my kid's conversations. I like to hear their perspective on things. In this case, a life lesson if-you-will about etiquette while dining.

Jack: "M" at school is mean.
Megan: Why?
Jack: He eats stuff off people's plates during lunch.
Megan: Huh???
Jack: He does. Really- he eats food off my plate and other people's plates. It's not nice.
Megan: Why would your friend do that?
Jack: FRIEND?!?!? Why would you even ask that?!? He is not my friend. I would NEVER be friends with someone like that!

Note to self: Don't eat food off Jack's plate.


Meredith said...

Listening to my children's conversations is one of my favorite things to do. Gives real meaning to Ms. Picket's term 'short drunk people'. They really do sound like short drunk people most of the time. Funny short drunk people.

DCD said...

LOL! That is a riot. I overheard a funny thing myself yesterday...think I'll go post it!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jack...I DETEST people messing with my food!! Gma.

Twenty-Something said...

haha if only choosing your friends was as cut and dry as that!

Anonymous said...

Hi--Grandpa here
This reminds me of when I was a teacher and the staff had its annual Christmas feast of dishes prepared by the foods classes for lunch just before Christmas bread. Anyway, this teacher women sat down accross from me with both of our plates freshly filled and she proceeded to "snatch" a little food item off plate that she thought looked good and then proceeded to "place" some undesirable item ON my plate that she did not want. It was stuff like carrot sticks or something but can you imagine. Stange but true.
Bamps W.

Last Place Finisher said...

I love to pick up my 13 year old daughter and her friends from soccer practice. They sit in the back and talk as if I'm not there.

Last week I learned that it was kinda disgusting if guys make out with other guys but it wasn't as bad if girls make out with other girls.

Perhaps next week I'll learn why.

Jen W said...

@Meredith Yes, Ms.P's short drunk people description is genius!

@DCD saw your post. So cute!

@gma I'll remind Megan to pick at your plate at Christmas

@Bampa That is so funny!!!

@Last Place Finisher HILARIOUS! I totally can't wait to find out why!

Jen W said...

@ Twenty-Something Seriously, right? It would be so much easier that way.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I have to admit, I'm with Jack, too. Though the only one who ever does it is my 14 y/o, in which case a low growl will let him know it's not cool. ;)