Sunday, December 14, 2008

Obama Rolls

To say that Megan likes Barack Obama might be a bit of an understatement. After the election, Megan consumed massive amounts of media related to Mr. Obama- 20/20 interviews on television, magazine articles in US Weekly, etc. She even made a collage that she keeps in her room.

The first time she showed me her collage, I had two thoughts:
1) Oh, how cute is that? She's showing an interest in current events.
2) I wonder if she will make posters like this of her love interests someday? Gosh I hope not because it would be kind of "stalker-ish".

Today, Megan saw a guy walking down the street with an Obama shirt on. I must say it was unlike any other Obama shirt that I've seen before. It only had Obama's face on it and the size of his face took up the entire front of the shirt. "OOOh!" Megan shouted. "Look at that guy's shirt. He has a Barack Obama shirt on. I totally want one of those shirts."

"Which shirt?" Jack asked. "A shirt with Obama on it?"

"Yes. I want an Obama shirt." Megan reiterated.

"You want an Obama shirt that says 'Obama rolls'?" Jack asked her.

"Huh? Obama rolls?"

Megan didn't quite understand what Jack was asking her so I jumped in to clarify. "Jack, I think you mean a shirt that says 'Obama rules', not 'Obama rolls'."

"Oh, yeah. 'Obama rules'. That is what I meant." Jack confirmed.

Megan looked wistfully out the window at the shirt she desired and said breathlessly, "Oh yes. Obama rules."


DCD said...

I think my stepmom has a collage like that. She is kind of Obama obsessed as well.

Of course, it's much cuter when it's a child!!

Ms Picket To You said...

i had a collage like that as I kid; except it was Shawn Cassidy. this is so much less embarrassing. and also, just so completely hopeful.

bernthis said...

I wish I knew about your daughter's little..ahem..obsession. WE had some awesome Obama T-shirts selling here in L.A. If I see the guy that was selling them, would you like to me to find out if and what he has left? I got an amazing one.

Becca said...

thats so cute. i had posters of journalists on my wall as a kid and I turned out to be a journalist. so maybe we're looking at a future president?

For Myself said...

I want a shirt that says Megan Rules.

Badass Geek said...

I saw Obama Rolls at the bread store the other day. Right next to McCain Bites.