Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oops, I did it again

***Post title in honor of Britney Spears for a number of reasons: 1) Her birthday is today (I feel like such a loser that I know that fact) 2) Her big "comeback" CD is out today (Again,I feel like such a loser that I know that fact) and 3) Her MTV documentary from the other day made me feel so bad for her. She was like a lost little puppy; it made me want to put her in my pocket and take her home with me.


I definitely have moments where I lack the appropriate parenting judgement. Sometimes I can't control what spews from my mouth when I get angry. I'm not just talking about any type of angry. I'm talking about the protective lioness type anger when someone messes with my kids. And my wrath have no boundaries. I'll verbally lash out about anyone regardless of age. (Notice I wrote "lash out *about*" and not "lash out *at*" because really I'm a big confrontation chicken. In that respect, I'm not a model parent by any stretch.

A while back, Megan had a couple run-ins with a bully of sorts. It was fairly innocent in retrospect but at the time, I got angry and had diarrhea of the mouth and gave Megan some, uh...advice on what she should/could say.

Well, it's happened again. Last night Megan started to relay a story to me about a few girls in her class that have been giving her a little trouble. I'll refer to these girls going forward as the Mini-Heathers.

It took some coaxing but Megan finally let me know what happened. Essentially, she went to the bathroom and a couple of Mini-Heathers were in there. Heather #1 made a comment to Megan, Megan told her she was being rude and mean and went into the stall, Heather #2 mocked what Megan said and then Heather #1 kicked the door Megan's stall.

My reaction... Oh HELLS NO! I could feel my blood starting to boil as I grilled Megan for more details. "What exactly did she say to you? Why did she say that? What did you say? What happened next?" And then I felt it coming but I couldn't stop it...

"Well,"I said feigning calmness. I felt it bubbling up- something inappropriate. "Maybe next time they say or do something mean to you, you could oh, I don't know... maybe tell Heather #1 that she should comb her hair more often because it looks like a rats nest on the top of her head...Oh, and then maybe you could tell Heather #2 that she could stop crying every.single.time her mom drops her off at school any day now."

As soon as I said it, I knew I should take it back and one look at Megan's eyes bugging out of her head confirmed my suspicions that I went too far. "Mom! That's just mean!"

"I know! I know...you know I was just joking right? Right??? You really shouldn't say that. It's not appropriate."

A sigh and an eye roll from Megan, coupled with a "Yes Mom... I know!" and my what-not-to-do-as-a-parent moment was complete.

...and scene.


For Myself said...

Oh if I could only stop where you stopped!

She's sure to see the humor and the love in it, so don't you worry! She's a smart cookie and all of your passion will make sense to her. If not today, then soon.

Nicely written, btw!

DCD said...

God, I must have seen that movie a hundred times.

*sigh* I am not looking forward to dealing with this. Mostly because I think I will do the exact same thing. Say or do something totally inappropriate. With my luck my kid will take me seriously and make things worse.
"Why did you say such a thing to Ms. X?"
"Cause my Mom told me to!!"

Ms Picket To You said...


i hate crap.

i hate that little girls practice all the things we big girls do. but even as big girls, we rarely know the answer.

bernthis said...

Oh boy, I'm so dreading that because I was haunted by a mean "crowd"when I was in junior high. It was devastating. God help me when she comes home with stories like that, and there will be those stories, b/c some kids are mean b/c some parents are mean.

Meredith said...

OMG you are funny. I've been known to offer similar advice to my kids....who also look at me like I've lost my frigging mind.

Mean girls start very young these days. I'm not looking forward to middle and high school!

Carolyn...Online said...

Yeah but how can you help it? I've done the same thing. Eeks, I've even gone to school and had a sit down at the lunch table with the Heather's. I know. Wrong.

But it's not wrong if maybe I mosey on up there and scare the bejeezus out of your Heather's right? Because I would totally do that for Megan.

Twenty-Something said...

haha woops!

And ps I love and adore me some Britney.

Lori said...

She's so mature! I recall the second grade and lashing out at "bullies", I would have never had the wisdom to feel sorry or bad for those kids. I would have put on my fightin' shoes and made my friends haters with me.