Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Resolutions and rules

The female units in my house are making a stand in 2009. The boys? Meh, it seems as though they will just keep on keeping on without much added structure in 2009. That is fine if it works for them but I on the other hand, well- I'm a planner. I thrive in structure and as such, have found myself in a quandary the last couple weeks. I've taken two weeks of vacation from work. It's too much. I don't know what to do with myself without my daily structure so most times, I find myself doing absolutely nothing. I actually found myself wondering yesterday, What day of the week is it today? . Add to that a voicemail from my dad wishing me a Happy New Year and I was all, whaaa??? Am I missing New Year's?!? Actually, I realize it wasn't New Year's but it made me wonder if my dad did but that's a whole other post for another day. Without my usual structure, I've taken on a "devil may care" attitude about a lot of things, mainly food and exercise. And as such, I've found myself consuming MASSIVE quantities of food with ZERO exercise to counter balance it. Add to that a dash of reality provided by my holiday Wii Fit purchase when I had to weigh myself and OH.MY.GOD. There you have it a New Year's resolution is born.

Here is a snapshot of my two world's colliding:

Notice the open box of Fannie May Mint Melt Aways (the best chocolate ever invented in deceiving bite size pieces) sitting right next to my exercise Wii video (still in its untouched original packaging) and there you have it- My life from the past two weeks in a nutshell.

So, needless to say, my New Year's resolutions include less food/better food and more exercise. In addition to that, I have my old trusty stand by resolutions. The things I put on my list year after year but never seems to pan out.
-Stop biting nails (it's a filthy disgusting habit)
-Call and see my friends more often (I've been known to go M.I.A. quite a bit)
-Tell my family I love them more often.

Megan doesn't exactly have resolutions, I would say it's more a list of rules that she created for her room.

In case you can't read the picture, here is the recap:
1) I make all the rules so everything I say goes!
2) Don't throw stuff.
3) No boys (dads welcome)
4) Never look through my closet.
5) No looking through the drawers.
6) Don't get crazy.
7) You can't come in if you have play guns or swords & stuff.
8) No yelling (unless I say it's okay).
9) No drinks like grape juice, pop and stuff.
Any questions? Look at #1.
With love,


For Myself said...

We joined the Y yesterday, got a tour, and resolved to come back soon. When soon? Well, that's TBA.

Love Megan's rules. Could I get a copy for MY bedroom door, please?

Badass Geek said...

Smart as a whip, that one.

Lori said...

One of my friends' Wii age was 78, so 45 is not bad at ALL. ;) Megan's rules are pretty strict, I am glad I am not a boy. Jack is screwed.

Becca said...

Any questions look at #1...I laughed outloud. she is such a character!

Meredith said...

Oh how I love rule #1!

Lisa said...

Love Love Love the list! I'm looking at Wii fit as we speak. Perhaps I'll do something about that....later.

bernthis said...

Your daughter has her stuff way more together than most adults. Do I sense a future senator, perhaps a president?

LilSass said...

Oh Jen how I've missed you and your kids!! Please thank Megan for ringing in my new year with a LOL.

The Floydster said...

Megan rocks!!! How old is she? 7 or so going on 45? I agree with bernthis - she's definitely ahead of a lot of grown ups I know.

Happy New Year!

Nash's Mom said...

I am right there with you on this two week time warp vacation of endless eating and 'what the hell day is it anyway?' I found some star shaped york peppermint patties for 75% off at Target from which I am in desperate need of an intervention. But I'm following Megan's rule #6 so there. Thanks Megan!

Laggin said...

Those rules are great! Good luck with the Wii. I bet those mints would go great with a yoga workout.

Carolyn...Online said...

Megan's list... So perfect.

The Wii fit is a mean spiteful awful machine. And it lies.