Monday, January 12, 2009

A mother's work is never done

I heard Jack grunting from the bathroom. Then came his sighs and then a small voice squeaked, "oooouuuch!".

I peeked my head around to corner to see what was going on and found him with his pants still around his ankles.

Me: You alright in there?
Jack: Yeah, (sniff) I was just going potty.
Me (peeking my head in the toilet): Whoa! That is a big poop, Jack.
Jack: Yeah, it was pretty hard to push it out.
Me: Really?
Jack: It was hard but I just used my super-pusher to push it out.
Me: Oh, okay.
Jack (turning around and bending over): Now can you wipe my bottom?
Me: Uh...sure.


Twenty-Something said...

Hahaha i was taking a sip right when I read "super push" and water... all over the monitor.

You crack me up!

Btw I gave you an Honesty Award. Check it out on my post!

For Myself said...

Super Pusher?

Wish I'd had one of those during labor....

Ask him if he'd like to market it.

Julie B. said...

Aww, poor Jack! I'm sure he appreciated you commenting on his good work, though. My 3 year old loves to tell me exactly how many are in the toilet every time.

Anonymous said...

Just hope Jack never goes on an Atkins diet (lots of meat, lots) as it really get nasty. Stool softener anyone?

Carolyn...Online said...

You had to wipe the super pusher. They don't mention that in the What to Expect books...

DCD said...

I hate having to wipe the super pusher. When do they stop asking you to wipe them anyway? I'm kind of tired of it!

cIII said...

Ah yes, the Super Pusher.

I feel you little man. Been there.

Ouch indeed.

Becca said...


The Floydster said...

Too dang cute!