Sunday, February 15, 2009

I wouldn't eat those apples if you paid me (optionally titled: I think my children's biological mother may be Elaine Benes)

It's been a while since I've stalked followed my kids around with a video camera but last week I taped them quite a bit. For the most part, they seem to enjoy it and many times, they play it up for the camera. Last week I turned on some Rihanna and just let them go.

Megan wanted some props so she opted for some apples. It seemed like a good idea at first until she started rubbing the apples on her head, then sticking them up to her nose. She also attempted to juggle *one* apple but dropped it onto my floor damaging it beyond repair. I'm guessing a job as a clown or a juggler isn't in her future.

Jack wasn't going to get in on the action but after a few minutes, he just couldn't help himself and he had to let his body groove to the music. Megan didn't want to share the spotlight so she attempted to dance him out of the scene but he's no dummy. He called her on it.

He finished it off with his signature move- sashaying across the floor. All he was missing was some jazz hands and his move would have been complete.

Upon watching my children dance their butts off, only one thing came to mind...the scene from Seinfeld where Elaine started dancing at the wedding.


For Myself said...

But somehow, there's a little bit of Kramer in there as well. It's mostly when she's holding up one finger to say, "wait a minute."

Can you see it?!?

They are precious!!

Dana's Brain said...

The apple props are hysterical. That and Meghan trying to keep the focus on her. My 5yr old also loved it!

bernthis said...

your son is just dancing like every other white guy I've ever dated and your daughter, I see a slight resemblance to Elaine's moves

Becca said...


x said...

Oh man, that was good stuff. Do they do parties?

Badass Geek said...

With those moves, she'll be a heartbreaker in high school.

Lori said...

Billy and I were trying not to wet our pants as we watched Jack zinging back and forth in the back ground. He's very worried about Megan learning some dance skills so that she doesn't end up like me... he is extremely embarrassed to dance with me in public. And I am not kidding.

Ms Picket To You said...

can they come to blogher? i would pay for a performance.

also -- new look! me likes!

Zip n Tizzy said...

Elaine would be proud.

Let me just push my brother out of the frame so you can really see some apple action.

love it!