Saturday, February 21, 2009

Interesting (or not so interesting) facts: Where a band member of The Fray lives and love is nice.

Conversations evoked this morning from watching videos on VH1:

After seeing kissing in a video...
Megan: Kissing is gross. Yuck.
Jay: Maybe they are in love.
Jack: Yeah Megan, love is nice.
Megan: But Jack, do you like watching people kiss?!?!?
Jack: Yes.
Megan: Yuck.

While watching The Fray's You Found Me video...
Me: Hey Megan, you want to know an interesting fact?
Megan: Sure.
Me: There is a guy that I work with, he lives in Denver and his next door neighbor is one of the band members of The Fray. I've told your dad that fact like two times and for some reason he doesn't think it is that interesting.
Megan: I like famous people!!!
Me (thinking I had proved my point): SEE!!! Thank you!!
Megan(bursting my bubble): Well, I'm not saying that fact is all that interesting.
Jay: You know why it's not that interesting? Megan, do you know who Mommy works with?
Megan: No.
Jay (completely deflating my bubble): Exactly! So the "fact" is basically some dude you don't know, knows some famous dude who you'll never meet.
Me: .....


Aimeepalooza said...

It would be interesting if you took your children on a stalking mission to meet him, though!

For Myself said...

We looove to play the who-knows-more-famous-people-game! I hate to lose it too, so sometimes I...umm...stretch the truth just a bit.
BUT...I did go to college with Jennifer Garner and James Frey. Knew them both!
See? Hate to lose.

Lori said...

I love famous people and I have met a ton and really? It's information like you have that makes these meetings possible... it is called a lead! I know, I know.. a flair for the dramatic- but it's true. ;) Remember when we met that Full House kid after the Cubs game? I think he was on the new Knight Rider the other night. He looked like crap.

bernthis said...

thank kids for your paralyzing honesty.n

Carolyn...Online said...

I just looked at Scott and said, "A girl I know from blogworld knows a guy who lives next door to a guy in The Fray." That's way lamer than your claim to fame.

Nash's Mom said...

Carolyn stole the words right out of my fingertips! I'm so easily impressed it's embarrassing.

Skye said...

Your kids are way too picky. I'm about to call my husband at work and tell him that a girl I don't even know from blogworld knows a guy who lives next door to a guy in The Fray, EVEN THOUGH I DON'T KNOW WHO THE FRAY IS.

Anonymous said...

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