Monday, April 20, 2009

Megan's First Communion

It was a big weekend for us. Megan had her First Communion.

She had a number of parts in the mass and I was a nervous wreck. She was the procession leader and she also had a reading for the presentation of the gifts. She did great. Once her parts were over, she sat by me and continually asked how much longer it was going to take.

She kept saying she wanted to go eat her cake. I can't blame her. I had a friend of mine make a cake and it was soooo cute! Megan told me earlier in the day that she wanted one of the entire feet for her piece of the cake. But as she continued to ask away about when exactly we would be "done", I had had enough...

Megan: How much longer will this take?
Me: Not long.
Megan: How much longer?
Me: Not long.
Megan: When can we go eat my cake?
Me: Well, you know, each time you ask me about how much longer this will take, your piece of cake gets smaller and smaller.
Megan: Really? Are you serious?
Me: Yes, and right about now, your piece of the cake is about the size of a toe, not the entire foot.
Megan: Awww. I don't like toes. They taste disgusting.
Me: How would you know how toes taste?
Megan (shrugging her shoulders): Um, because I've licked my toes before...
Me: That's gross.


For Myself said...

Awww. A right of passage for sweet Megan. And she's talking about licking her toes. Thatagirl!

Becca said...

she looks so beautiful! (and the toe thing...yup, did it...)

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Good girl, keeping clean.

MammaDawg said...

LOL - she is hilarious.

And that cake? It is beautiful!! Did you end up giving her the leg or what?!

Carolyn...Online said...

She looks so sweet in her white dress. And I'm a little jealous that she's limber enough to lick her own toes.

The Floydster said...

I'm with Carolyn . . . Online about the envy over young Megan being so flexible. This story cracked me up!

Dana's Brain said...

How wonderful! Good for her! And that's great about the First Communion, too!

bernthis said...

one night, I swear to this, my kid asked me for orange juice close to a hundred times. It was late at night and she was bed bound and I said no. persistence does not always pay off however,

Ms Picket To You said...

and to this i say: god bless that HI-larious kid.

and also: sigh and a wee sob for JenW.