Saturday, June 27, 2009

The fishing excursion

When Megan and Jack went to Grandma and Bampa's house for their mini-vacation, Bampa took the kids fishing. It's one of the special things they do together; they dig for worms, get out their poles and head on down to the creek.

This year, the fishing excursion was fruitful. Each of the kids caught a couple fish- with the help of Bampa of course. Grandma was nice enough to video tape it for us. I love how Megan doesn't want to touch the fish she caught and Jack tries to help her out.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I'm starting to learn some things about myself now that I've been commuting for a couple months into Chicago on the train. I'm learning that people are fun to watch. I'm also learning that in a lot of instances, I don't like people very much. Sure, individually I like "people" just fine, but I'm finding my tolerance for people who don't follow the unwritten/unspoken social etiquette frankly just drive me nuts.

Case in point:
Yesterday I was getting on the train and the entire car was mostly empty. Now, under these conditions most people know to select a seat not RIGHT NEXT to someone else. But noooo, this guy sits down right next to me when there are like 200 other seats available- really???

Then, as we neared our stop he got up to stand by the door and no sooner had he moved then some other lady must not have liked her seat because she plopped down right next to me. She proceeded to go all narcoleptic on me and fell asleep in two seconds flat. So, my stop is coming up and she's got me jammed into my seat by the window. As the train came to a stop, I started jostling my stuff around to try to wake her up. I finally had to say to her, "Excuse me, this is my stop." Now, under these conditions most people know that the right thing to do is GET UP and let me out, then sit back down. Not this lady- she scooted her feet underneath her indicating to me that I'm supposed to step over her to get out.

Realizing that she's not going to move, I am aware that my ginormous bag I am carrying could be a lethal weapon in these conditions so as I gingerly tried to step over her, I moved my bag to my front so I wouldn't hit her in the head. In doing so, I nailed the guy in the seat in front of me right in the side of his head. As I attempted to apologize profusely to the man, I lost my focus. I moved my bag to my back and took my step to get out to the aisle. I lost my balance and in a one-two punch, I simultaneously stepped on the lady's foot and nailed her in the head with my ginormous bag. I swear, it was like a Three Stooges episode.

The lady had the audacity to give me the Stink Eye. Byotch.

Friday, June 19, 2009

They're baaaack!!

Well the kids are back under my roof. It's nice to have the noise again- and to get back into the groove of things. And by back into the groove, I mean getting back the usual stuff- you know, Megan putting me in my place and Jack putting me on my pedestal.

We were driving to dinner tonight and to make conversation, I mentioned that I needed a haircut:

Me: I need a haircut bad. My bangs are out of control.
Megan: Why are you telling me that? You should be telling it to your hair.
Me: ....

And later while putting Jack to bed:

Jack: Mommy, you are yummy!
Me: Yummy?
Jack: Yes- when I tell you that you are yummy, that is another way for me to tell you that I think you are beautiful.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Playground Turmoil

Megan and Jack are on their "mini-vacation" at Grandma & Bampa's. They look forward to it and I don't blame them- later bedtimes, playing all day, endless bedtime stories from Grandma, donuts for breakfast, and Dairy Queen for dessert??? What's not to love?

And although I miss them terribly, it makes me feel good to know they are independent enough to enjoy time without me- and I know they are in exceptional hands.

I love hearing about what goes on when I'm not around. I check in every day and get the run down on the "funnies". The latest:

Jack and his cousin Amelia were having some playground issues...
Jack: She always wants to play girl things, and I want to play boy things.
Grandma: Why don't you try to compromise and play something you each like?
Jack: No, I just want to be the guy who sucks her brains out.

I don't even know what to say about that...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'll follow you anywhere

Jay is off to a big adventure today. His friend Steve convinced him a few months back to go on a week-long bike tour through the Colorado Rockies called Ride the Rockies. At first Jay wasn't sure but then they started thinking about it- kids are getting more busy, not less every summer and let's face it, although we aren't "old", yet... rounding the corner to 40 doesn't make you feel like a Spring chicken. So the sense of adventure set in and Jay agreed. And since Jay doesn't do anything half-assed, he fully committed to it. He bought a new bike; he bought new bike shoes, and then bike shoe covers because his feet were getting cold during their rides; he needed to look like a biker so he bought bike clothes...and then he trained...and trained...and trained. He's ready- mostly. But he certainly has some concerns.

First and foremost is the luggage. You can only have one bag and it has to weigh less than 70 pounds. When you factor in a tent, sleeping bag, and clothes for a week, that's just not a lot of space. So for the last 5 days, I've watched Jay pack and unpack and pack and unpack-lament about the lack of space- and pack and unpack again.

A larger concern is missing the family. He's never been apart from us for this long and really, never been away from the kids for longer than about 4 days. He's going to be gone for 10. Megan is old enough to understand lengths of time and she's already missing him and he hasn't even left yet. She asked me the other day if Daddy's trip would be longer than my trip to Brazil was (when I went there for 6 days a couple years ago) and when I said yes, you could physically see her getting bummed out.

Anyway- in order to keep in touch, Jay has set up a Twitter account to "tweet" about his trip, post pictures, etc. The friend that he's going with set up a Twitter account, too and I'm looking forward to seeing their banter. I'm expecting some real hilarity because there have been times when I've called Jay's friend, "his other wife". They bicker like an old married couple and have been friends since they were kids. Now I'm just hoping someone else besides me, his friend and some girl named "Horny Sophie" follow him to enjoy the 140 character or less banter!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Life Lessons by Jack

Driving in the car today, I overheard Jack telling Megan about a girl at daycare who is "so annoying".

Me: Jack, don't you think it would hurt her feelings if she knew you called her annoying?
Jack: (pause...pause...) Maybe...I guess so.
Me: Well then maybe you should think about that and not call her annoying.
Jack: But that's the way life works.
Me: What do you mean?
Jack: Some people are annoying.

I just left it at that. How can you argue with that bit of truth?