Monday, October 26, 2009

Ever been to Jubie?

So it comes down to sending myself emails with cryptic notes in an effort to remind myself to blog. And when I do get around to it, I am on a train typing it from my blackberry with one thumb.

At any rate, lying in bed with Jack the other night, he asked,"Have you been to Jubie?"

Me: Jubie?
Jack: You know, where bad kids go.
Me: Oh, you mean Juvie-like Juvenile detention.
Jack: Yeah, have you been there?
Me: No, but when I was younger I got grounded a few times.
Jack: How many times?
Me: Hmmm, maybe 10 times.
Jack:That means you must have been a baaaad kid!
Me:(Laughing) Where did you hear about "Jubie"?
Jack: I got that from cartoons. (Pause)You want me to watch more cartoons so I can have more funny lines?