Monday, October 26, 2009

Ever been to Jubie?

So it comes down to sending myself emails with cryptic notes in an effort to remind myself to blog. And when I do get around to it, I am on a train typing it from my blackberry with one thumb.

At any rate, lying in bed with Jack the other night, he asked,"Have you been to Jubie?"

Me: Jubie?
Jack: You know, where bad kids go.
Me: Oh, you mean Juvie-like Juvenile detention.
Jack: Yeah, have you been there?
Me: No, but when I was younger I got grounded a few times.
Jack: How many times?
Me: Hmmm, maybe 10 times.
Jack:That means you must have been a baaaad kid!
Me:(Laughing) Where did you hear about "Jubie"?
Jack: I got that from cartoons. (Pause)You want me to watch more cartoons so I can have more funny lines?


Carolyn...Online said...

Hey stranger. I've missed hearing Jack's voice in my head. And more cartoons are always a good thing.

just making my way said...

"Jubie" is classic. I too have missed you - want us to start sending you cryptic emails to remind you to blog?

Mary Freaking Poppins said...

Funny stuff... he sounds hilarious. Is it the age? I have a little comic 5 year old too. I hope they don't outgrow it. ;)

Lori said...

You mean to say a working mother of two is too busy to blog to us so we can get our rocks off on her hilarious kids? Okay.. you are off the hook. But miss the blogs!!

MsPicketToYou said...

and where would the WHOLE DAMN BLOGOSPHERE be without Jack and JenW?

The Floydster said...

What everybody else said.