Saturday, December 5, 2009

All Jack wants for Christmas is a guitar...and some endurance.

Here is Jack rocking out to some Jingle Bells. I know it appears he may be suffering from a severe form of eczema on his chest but that's really just his version of an air guitar.

I also think I might need to add a bit more exercise to his daily activities seeing as he can't make it more than 26 seconds before he's exhausted.


MilesPerHour said...

Looks like Thrash Metal may be in his future.

Seriously, as a guitarist myself my one wish was that I had been afforded the opportunity to learn to play piano before I took up guitar.

Over the years my advice to parents has always been to make a deal with their kid. "I will buy you that guitar after one year of piano lessons".

Not only is the piano a beautiful instrument, it provides a great foundation in the knowledge of music which can then be applied to other instruments.

just making my way said...

That is a riot! I have no advice to give on instrument lessons for kids, I'm going to leave that to MilesPerHour. (And try to remember that advice myself.)

Lori said...

He's such a "rocker". You really should get that chest checked out. His voice sounds like it could have some promise... unlike the rest of us. Brutal.

SF housewife said...

Ha,ha, he's so cute!

Carolyn...Online said...

Jack is very very itchy. Also? he's gotten very BIG! I hope you have a rockin' Christmas.

Anonymous said...
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