Tuesday, January 19, 2010


One of the newer (well, newer to my kids) phrases is "Jinx". Whenever they both say the same word at the same time, one of them yells, "Jinx!". Then they can't say anything else until someone says their name.

But crafty little Jack recently put a new spin on the game of Jinx. I overheard Megan and Jack having a conversation the other day and when they both said the same word, Megan yelled, "Jinx!" Jack paused for a moment, turned to Megan and said, "You can't Jinx me. I have Jinx insurance!"


Carolyn...Online said...

And I will institute that new rule in my house because my girls keep jinxing me and it is really starting to piss me off. But now... I'm insured!

just making my way said...

Do they not say the thing about.."You owe me a coke?"

That's always what I remember about the Jinx thing for some reason...