Monday, February 1, 2010

It's called hailing, or something kind of like that

Some of my favorite moments are just sitting back and listening to Jack's stream of thoughts that he verbalizes. I love the way his mind works and I had the perfect opportunity to just sit back and listen this weekend. We went to a water park in Wisconsin** and I floated along the lazy river with Jack and a friend of his. As we rounded one of the corners, Jack noticed something that looked like a cross between a hard water stain, and something else that I can only describe as gooey.

Jack: Hey Nick! Look at that.
Nick: What?
Jack: That over there, on the wall. It looks like somebody hailed on it.
Me: Hailed?
Jack: Uh huh. Nick, do you know what "hailing" means?
Nick: No.
Jack: It means when somebody throwed up on it.
Me: I think you mean hurled, not hailed.
Jack: Yeah, they hurled on it.

**Side note: I was hesitant to squeeze my post-holiday binge body into a tight swimsuit in preparation for the water park festivities. I likened me "slipping" into my swimsuit to feel more like stuffing a sausage into its delicate casing but honestly, one look at the crowd and I was feeling pretty good. In other words, not a lot if swimsuit models seem to frequent water parks. So I've got that going for me-n which is nice.


Carolyn...Online said...

As I read "water park" and "Wisconsin" I thought... ew indoor chlorine pool smell AND the whiteness of the winter body in the bathing suit.

You're a brave girl. Also, probably the hottest one in the park.

MsPicketToYou said...

What's a bathing suit?

Also, neighbor kid calls hurling the "f-word" -- as in "frowup."

The Floydster said...

It took me a minute to put "water park" and "Wisconsin" together! I could picture you all headed down a snowy slope on inner tubes . . .you are indeed a brave one.

I'm completely in love with your son!! Wish I was close enough to child-sit for you!