Saturday, March 27, 2010

What is that guy doing???

Last night we went out for dinner in our downtown area. Afterwards, as we walked to the car, we did a little shopping. Megan and Jay were inside a store finishing up a purchase while Jack and I stayed outside to wait for them.

All of a sudden, Jack gets this wide-eyed look on his face and calls out to me, "What is that guy doing???" I look to my right and I see this guy:

Well, not exactly the guy from the picture above but imagine a similar guy, in the middle of a semi-crowded street, a little taller, wearing a black trench coat, with red hair. And he is running top speed down the street. I had to fight back my urge to yell out, "Run Forrest, run!"

But that wasn't even the weirdest thing about the scene. This guy was running top speed down the street with...a bag of CHEESE POPCORN! It was so bizzare!

I looked at Jack and I started laughing. "I have no idea what that just was." I said. Jack shrugged his shoulders and replied, "Well, maybe he was an Arabian knight who traveled through time."

***(image from

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tonight when I put Jack to bed, the topic was movies.
Me: Jack, if someone asked you if your family likes movies more than most people, the same as most people, or less than most people, what would you say?
Jack: More than most! Our family looooves movies, right Mom?
Me: Yup. We sure do watch a lot of movies.
Jack: What is your favorite movie?
Me: It's a movie called Say Anything.
Jack: What is it about?
Me: It's about a boy who likes a girl and how he tries to win her over.
Jack: Oh, so he wants her? The boy wants her?
Me: Um, I guess so...
Jack: So basically it's a chick flick then, huh?

I swear, sometimes I wonder where he gets this stuff!

Friday, March 12, 2010

He said, she said

An excerpt from an email Jay sent to a friend:

He said:

A few weeks back Jen and the kids were doing a massive basement cleanup and throwing away multiple garbage bags of toys. This makes me happy and I just stay away. Later that weekend I was taking out the trash on Sunday night. I noticed through the thin white plastic of a garbage bag the unmistakable outline of a Celtics jersey. I moved closer only to notice that my lovely wife of 12 years was throwing out my stuffed Larry Bird doll without my consent or knowledge. Granted that thing has always creeped her out but that is not grounds for an undignified disposal of a 20" stuffed legend. I ripped the bag open and marched it back in the house demanding an explanation. She stated the obvious, "You are 38. It is a creepy stuffed Larry Bird with a face that looks too real. What are you going to do with it?" I told her that I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it but you simply cannot go to the store and buy such an item so it must be saved.

She said:

Here's the doll...I'm sure if we took this to The Marriage Ref, I would win. Hands down.