Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A life lesson learned.

Megan was telling me about the two things she wants for her birthday. According to her, "I only want two things for my birthday. Just two things- an iPod Touch, and a RipStik." (See the picture? That is a RipStik. It's basically a strange looking skateboard.)

Megan emphasized, "Those are the only two things I want." When I didn't say anything to that, she continued, "And they aren't even that expensive. They are only like fifty bucks."

I heard Jack gasp, "FIFTY BUCKS?!? Megan... that is a lot of money!"

After a couple of rounds of, "No, it's not" from Megan and "Yes, it is so a lot of money" from Jack, Megan stopped and turned to Jack. She looked him in the eye and provided him with this life lesson, "Jack, you need to learn that nothing in life is free!"

Um, yeah... did I mention she's eight?


SF housewife said...

This thing is cool. I might get one for my oldest son.

angie said...

ripstik...awesome, my kids good at it, good excercise and the ipod should wait, tell her to wait for a really good one like the ipod touch. not a phone, but like the iphone without camera, or the nano w/a camera. those are both pricey. ripstik, $70.
good luck.