Friday, April 16, 2010

My little Karate Kid

Jack is taking Karate. He's talked about it for a while but the time has finally come. He told me today that he feels like he's "better at Karate when I wear the uniform."

Towards the end of his first class, he raised his hand. The "Sensei" called on him. "Uh, I know a move that you haven't taught us, yet." Jack said.

"Really? Which one?" replied his Sensei.

"This one." Jack proceeded to take the stance of the famous Karate Kid movie pose.

When his Sensei didn't respond, Jack added for emphasis, "That move is for kicking people in the face."

Kinda makes a mother proud.


SF housewife said...

Ha ha....That move is just for action movie. In the real life when people see you raise your arms like that they will run.

just making my way said...

Awesome. The Wonderboy is about to move up to the "Juniors" class in karate. Leaving the "Little Dragons" behind. Sigh.