Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This Easter, a non-believer was among us.

I can't recall exactly how old I was when I realized the Easter Bunny wasn't real, maybe 6 or so? I do recall a couple years where I didn't believe, but acted like I did. But this Easter was officially where Megan turned the corner to a non-believer. And I chalk it up to her being overly observant. As the sequence of events unfolded, I saw Megan adding up each new fact until there was no doubt.

It all started Easter Sunday as we came back from church to Grandma and Bampa's house. All it took was three facts:

Fact 1: The Easter Bunny's handwriting looks too much like Aunt Lori's.
As we walked up the stairs, it appeared the Easter Bunny left a note for all the kids. The note mentioned how while we were at church, the Easter Bunny stopped back and left a bunch of eggs for our Easter egg hunt. Megan took one look at the note, turned to me and said, "That looks a lot like Aunt Lori's handwriting."

Fact 2: The Easter Bunny doesn't love you, Grandma does.
After Megan noticed the handwriting, she scrutinized the note a bit more. At the end of the note, the "Easter Bunny" wrote, "I love you!". Megan turned to me with authority and said, "Hey. They Easter Bunny doesn't love us, Grandma does!" I could see the wheels turning in her head as she processed the fact that Grandma had been at church with us so although Grandma does love her, she couldn't have been the one to leave the note. Megan quickly reconciled this in her head with going back to fact #1 and also noting that in fact, her Aunt Lori loves them, too.

Fact 3: If the Easter Bunny is going to thank you for carrots you left out, you actually have to leave carrots out.
The last part of the note thanked the kids for leaving out carrots to eat and next to the note was a plate of half-eaten carrots. After Megan rattled off her first two facts, she said with a certain finality, "And the last things, is... we didn't even leave carrots out!"

I talked with Megan about it later and wondered if she would be upset at her discovery but more than anything, I think she was relieved. She's always been a bit mature for her age and I'm sure for years she's been pondering how in the world a gigantic rabbit can leave all those eggs...and write notes without opposable thumbs.


The Mother said...

It may be time for "Hogfather," by Terry Pratchett. Must reading for the kids who are growing out of their beliefs.

The Floydster said...

The Easter bunny wasn't really that big a deal for us, but Santa Claus - THAT was a tough one! Your Megan is pretty sharp, isn't she?

Lori said...

Uh-oh- I feel slightly responsible- I am sorry! I promise I will let you ruin for Jake.

Jen W said...

Lori- don't worry about it at all. I'm surprised she lasted this long!!