Thursday, April 22, 2010

The word maybe and what it actually means around here

As we were driving in the car, Jay and Jack were discussing something and the word maybe came up.

Jay: Just because I say the word maybe, doesn't always mean yes.
Jack: Yes it does.
Me: Who in our family says the word maybe when they really mean yes?
Jack: You do.
Me: Um, yeah. I suppose I do. That's a bad habit.
Jack: That's a habit I don't want you to break. You should keep doing it.


MsPicketToYou said...

After a week + 5 days with the Kid away (thank Volcano), I can totally relate to this. My maybe generally means no. The Kids? Go ahead and ask me again and you know I'm gonna say yes.

No wonder they wanted him home so badly.

just making my way said...

That's funny. I'd say I'm about 70/30 to saying Yes when I say Maybe. Need to look at those odds...