Saturday, May 1, 2010

According to Jack, people are nicer to nice people

After picking up Jack from school the other day, we were driving to get lunch. We were headed to McDonald's and Jack was anticipated the toy he would get in his Happy Meal. He announced, "I hope I get the silver dragon toy." I mentioned to him not to be surprised if he got the same toy as he did the last time since his nanny had just happened to take him there a couple days before. I tried to prepare him by saying, "You might get the same toy since it's only been a couple days since L brought you to McDonald's, you know."

As he looked out the window, he began the following monologue:

"I know. L just took me there the other day. I didn't get a Happy Meal then, though. I was playing in the play place and the other girl with us got a dragon toy in her Happy Meal. L asked me if I wanted it so I got to keep it. L is really nice. She's a nice person...I think she's nice to me because I'm a good kid. So I think people are nicer to nice people.I'm almost always happy, you know. I'm happy about, um,, maybe it's about 99% of the time I'm happy. Megan isn't as happy as I am. Sometimes, when she comes home from school, she walks in the door and kind of this, 'Heeellllooooooggggrrrrhhh'. She's kind of got an attitude."


just making my way said...

Hilarious. Although I'm not sure if Megan would agree!

Anonymous said...

Wow - for a five year old- that's a pretty objective observation. He's brilliant- I am glad that Jake thinks he's cool and tries to copy him. Well, everything except that underwear "all the time" business". I could do without that.

Anonymous said...

Jake nothing!!!....I think he's cool and try to copy him!!!1LOL Gma