Saturday, June 19, 2010

A brief discussion on puberty

This morning as Jack was getting ready, he lifted up his shirt and announced, "I have chest hair! Look Mom, look at my chest hair." As he turned around, he actually pointed at his stomach and not his chest.

"I don't think you have any chest hair quite yet." I said.

Jack continued, "When I start to get hair in my armpits, I'm not going to shave it."

I explained to him that most men don't shave their armpits and he went on to tell me how he wanted his arm pits to be really hairy.

"Well" I said. "It will be quite a while until you have hair on your body. When you are a teenager, your body will start to change. They call it going through puberty."

Just as I was saying this to Jack, Megan came strolling in as the word "puberty" was coming out of my mouth."

Her response?

"Oh man... are you talking about puberty...again???"


just making my way said...

Yeah, jeez, Jen - will you stop talking about that all the time!

Too funny.

X said...

So, he's NOT going to shave when the hair comes in his under arms? Very refreshing. Yes, just used the word refreshing when discussing armpits. ... Hey woman! How the hell've you been?!

Anonymous said...

You and your incessant puberty talk! Lori