Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 year in review- Megan edition

Here are my favorite Megan tweets from 2010.

Classic from Megan: "I can skateboard...ish."

Words of advice from Megan: If you're gonna be a criminal, you need to be a *smart* criminal.

Megan: Can we move? Me: Where do you think you'd want to move? Megan: Wheretheheckistan Me: ???

Megan to Jay last night, "I've seen pictures of you with are doing just fine without it."

Now I know why Megan doesn't have crushes, yet. She's describing boys in her class w/ words like "eraser-eater" "mold-grower" and "smelly".

Megan's comment after I got done telling her the dog ate poo and  vomited it back up..."Really? Um, what's for dinner?" What the...

Listening to Megan's iPod. Me: Uh, is this song Detroit Rock City??? Megan: What's wrong with having a little KISS on my iPod? (She's 8)

Morning discussion on climate vs. weather. Megan:But how do you determine the average? By the mean, median, or the mode? (Again...she's 8!!)

Megan: I'm bored.Me: Well, your brother just started watching a movie about an Alaskan sled dog if you want to wat...Megan:LAME!!! Me:*sigh*

Megan told me this morning she's decided on the name for her future-band, G.S.A. (Godzilla Strikes Again).

Me dropping the back of Megan's earring + Me suggesting using a pencil eraser instead=Megan wailing"I don't wanna wear an eraser in my ear!"

Apparently Megan didn't enjoy the sandwich Jay brought home forher. Here's the note she left.

Jay(re:new babysitter): Her parents want to meet us. Megan: Why? Jay: Just tomake sure we aren't creeps. Megan :Then maybe we should get rid of the ugly tile in the kitchen.

Megan discussing a movie she watched: Well, it wasn't that scary. It just wasn't that pleasant.

Me:Megan, have you been tickling the ivories? Megan: What does that mean? Me: It means playing the piano. Megan: Don't ever use that phrase again.

Megan: Next year, in student council, I want to have a job with a lot of power...and where I can argue...I'm a good at arguing.

Megan: Jack told Dad he wanted to play the violin or the flute and Dad said no way...he basically crushed his dreams.

Me: Do you need some glow sticks for your party? Megan: No! Glow sticks are for babies. We just run around hoping we don't bump into each other.

Megan: Mom, why are you soooo white? You are either white...or red. (Aaaand there you have it- she was put on this planet to humble me.)

Megan & Jack arguing about Meg breaking his Lego set. Meg: Yeah, yeah it's all my fault. Jack:Don't be sarcastic! Meg:My life IS sarcasm...

Hour 2 of today's drive- Jack is claiming Megan said the word ass. Megan is mad because a) she said axe, not ass and b) Jack said ass.

Watched So You Think You Can Dance finale with Megan. Her reaction to winner was, "I think I just had a combination of WHAT?!? And WHY?!?"

Jay asked Megan how she liked the babysitter's driving. Her response? "She drives like you...but without the screaming."

Me: did you finish your math homework? Megan: I know the answer but I still need to write the extended response. (Yeah, she said that).

Jack was talking about his friend who has the "old #9 Bears football card". Megan turned and said, "The punky QB???"

Trying on clothes with Megan. According to her, "Things with glitter on them are totally against my policy."

Jay putting Megan to bed. Jay: I love you. Silence. Jay: How bout I like you? Silence. Jay: I tolerate you? Meg: Yeah. Let's go with that.

Me to Megan after seeing her huge bowl of cereal: Wow! That's a lot of cereal! Megan: Well, I'm a lot of hungry. Me: Fair enough.

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